Disturbing Strokes Video

by Joey Paur

In this little video Monty Propps take's the opening sequence to the classic 80's TV show 'Different Strokes' and puts a dark and disturbing musical score behind it. I wouldn't necessarily say it makes it look like a horror movie, but it definitely makes it look like Mr. Drummand is a very creepy old man picking up stray kids off the street. It's amazing how music can set the mood for any kind of setting, to change up what it actually going on. Check it out below and you'll see what I mean.

Monty Propps explains what he did:

The Different Strokes titles with alternate music, and slightly edited in terms of colour and ageing filters... This has turned out far more creepy than I thought it would.

I did edit the music towards the end, and I desaturated the picture and added a green hue, but other than that the video runs unedited.

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