It's not looking like Alexander Skarsgard will play THOR

by Joey Paur

Just when I was warming up to the idea of of True Blood's Alexander Skarsard playing the role of Thor in Marvels new film being directed by Kenneth Branagh, all of a sudden this happens. Out of all the people that Marvel had on a list to play a young Thor he was the only one that really fit the bill. Now according to him he may be out of the running! when E-Online asked him about the reports of him playing Thor he says:

No, I don't think so. I haven't gotten the call, so...

Now there are one of three things going on here.

  1. For some reason they really haven't called him back, and they are moving on looking for new actors that could carry the hammer of Thor.

  2. Everything is fine. He just can't tell anybody that he has been cast in the role yet.

  3. He used this opportunity to play the hard to get card just like Samuel L. Jackson and Mickey Rourke did before they ultimately took their roles.

So now we really have no idea where Marvel stands on who they want to play Thor. There is still two years before the movie will hit theaters, so they have some time to kill trying to figure it out, but not much. If they are going with a young Thor Alexander Skarsgard is the way to go unless you can think of someone better in their mid-twenties.

Source: E-Online

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