PAPER HEART Movie Trailer with Charlyn Yi and Michael Cera

by Joey Paur

The first trailer for Charlyn Yi and Michael Cera's new film Paper Heart has become available. This is a film that I got to see while I was at The Sundance Film Festival this year. It was a funny and charming mockumentary about Charlyn Yi as she goes out into the world trying to find the meaning behind love. The movie looks and feels like a documentary but it was all scripted.

Charlyne Yi does not believe in love. Or so she says. Well, at the very least, she doesn't believe in fairy-tale love or the Hollywood mythology of love, and her own experiences have turned her into yet another modern-day skeptic. Paper Heart follows Charlyne as she embarks on a quest across America to make a documentary about the one subject she doesn't fully understand.

The movie was directed by first timer Nicholas Jasenovec and the screenplay was written by him and also Charlyne Yi who also stars in the film. You may recognize her from the movie 'Knocked Up'.

The Dude wrote up a Review for the film and said:

Paper Heart very cleverly uses a documentary/narrative format that makes for a very interesting story. In her quest to travel the country interviewing bikers, lawyers, and everything in between Charlene is intermittently followed back to her home in Los Angeles as cameras capture her budding friendship with the man himself, Michael Cera (kicker, as promised). Ahhh Michael Cera. I could watch Michael blow up a beach ball and it would be funny for me. No beach balls are blown. However we do get to see Michael and Charlene (from here on out I will call her Char because I think we are to that point in our relationship) go shopping for groceries. Yes, it is everything you imagine.

You can read his full Review Right Here and watch the trailer below! Or watch it in HD over at Apple.

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