A look at STAR TREK Monster Art and The Enterprise Bridge

by Joey Paur

Hey, I got some new Star Trek photo's that I thought all you people out there excited to see the Star Trek movie might be interested in checking out. There is a creature shot above, and 2 panoramic views of the Enterprise bridge below. The concept art above comes from Wired Magazine and the article that goes along with it discusses how to create a Star Trek monster. The creature designer is Neville Page.

Every peek at monster flesh is part of the deliberate ploy to pull audiences into a film and set them up for a terrific payoff—the satisfaction of finally seeing the beast in its full-screen glory.

I couldn't be more excited to see this film! From everything I have seen and heard it is just going to be one of those particularly great times at the movies.

You have seen the trailer for this film and the crazy bright lights and lens flares used to make it pop. In the latest issue of Wired there is a quote about the cinematography that gives you a little insight on why they did what they did:

"Here on the Enterprise set, little pinpoints of light are facing the camera. Without them, contrast levels in this scene would be virtually flat. To liven things up, every time the camera moves around, the lights halate to give us this great halo effect... We felt that gave us a very realistic feel to an otherwise static scene. We have this motif working throughout the movie and if you're looking for it, you'll see it. It adds a lot of kineticism."

Source: startrekmovie.com , Wired

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