2 New Images from Zombies HALLOWEEN 2

by Joey Paur

Two more photo's have popped up online from Rob Zombies Halloween 2. The story goes that they popped up Zombie's MySpace page and then one of them was quickly pulled off. That obviously doesn't stop the internet for doing its thing. The one that was pulled off is actually the most interesting image I have seen from these Halloween movie remakes.

A homeless Michael Myers comes face to face with a young boy who is trick or treating dressed up in a familiar looking clown costume. The kid looks like he could be pulled right out of the original Halloween movie. This must bring the memories of Meyers childhood come flooding back. I'm interested to see what Zombie does with this moment in the film. We can always speculate what will end up happening.

The second photo is of Michael Meyers walking around in a basement or warehouse.

Source: /film

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