Richard Dryfuss will have a Cameo in PIRANHA 3D

by Joey Paur

I have no idea if this news is true or not but there is a rumor out there that Richard Dreyfuss will have a small cameo in the new Piranha 3D movie being made over at Dimension. Believe it or not Elizabeth Shue has been cast as the lead in that movie as well, which just shocks the hell out me! Nukethefridge reports:

Richard Dreyfuss will reportedly appear in a cameo that will pay homage to "Jaws." His character will even be drinking Amity brand beer (the setting of "Jaws"). Reportedly, Dreyfuss might be the first character killed off in the new movie.

The film is being directed by Alexandre Aja and starts shooting in Arizona next month. The reason this movie is getting made is because 'My Bloody Valentine 3D' was successful. This movie is being described as "girls gone wild meets piranha" So I take it there is going to be a lot of naked girls being eaten by piranha in the most random places possible, because being killed in a lake just isn't original these days. Has the economy really hurt Richard Dryfuss that bad that he had to take a part in a movie like this?

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