THOR Casting Prospect Gives us an Update

by Joey Paur

Wondering what is going on with Marvel's Thor movie? So am I which is why I keep looking for news regarding what is currently going on with it. The last we heard Alexander Skarsgard said he didn't think he was in the running to play the character Thor anymore, because he had not heard back from Marvel.

He wasn't the only guy on Marvel's list of potential Thors though. A guy by the name of Charlie Hunnam is on the list as well, and he is one of the stars from the TV show 'Sons of Anarchy'. And when he was asked about his status with the Thor casting and his response was a bit more optimistic. ign says:

Hunnam confirmed that he has indeed screen-tested for the role of the god of thunder. He has only shot one screen test so far, and when asked if it involved running around with a helmet and a hammer, he replied with a smile, "Something like that."

Hunnam didn't know what the status of the casting was but said that his people have been talking to Marvel. He believes that since Marvel pushed the start date of Thor back a few months the studio is taking its time to make the best decision for the film.

Out of the list of actors Marvel is looking at to play Thor, Charlie was my second pick. As long as everyone is on the same page and just wants to do the movie in the best way possible they can take whatever time they need to set the fans up for a great film. I'm just happy it's not being rushed anymore. What do you think about Charlie Hunnam playing Thor if he gets cast?

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