New ALIEN VS. PREDATOR Video Game Details

by Joey Paur

Speaking of Predator, here is out first look at the new video game being developed 'Aliens Vs. Predator'. I had no idea this game was even in development until today and my first impression of it is awesome! First of all I know it's just a screen shot but right off the bat I loved what I was seeing! Apparently previews of the game have started popping up in a bunch of European magazines and they give us some information on what we can expect from the game.

The game is set 30 years after the events in Aliens the movie. It takes place on a planet where Colonial Marines are trying to take out a crazy ass xenomorph (alien) infestation. While they are taking care of business Predators show up to do a little hunting.

This is EXACTLY what I have been saying all along! That the 'Aliens Vs. Predator' Movie should have been this type of story! Throwing the Colonial Marines into the mix just makes absolute perfect sense. It is also reported that there will be three singleplayer campaigns. One campaign for each race, you can play as a Marine, Alien, or Predator. Awesome! It will also feature multiplayer online game action.

'Aliens Vs. Predator' video game is being developed by Rebellion and the game isn't set to be released until 2010, but I'll be ready to fight the fight!

Source: Kotaku

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