Watch the First 7 Minutes of THE BROTHERS BLOOM

by Joey Paur

Rian Johnson's 'The Brothers Bloom' is a "big fun globetrotting con man movie". This is one movie I am looking forward to seeing. Rian Johnson proved to me that he is a great screenwriter and filmmaker with his first movie 'Brick'. This is his second film and it just looks fantastic! Thanks to Johnson and Hulu you can now watch the first seven minutes of the movie which is absolutely wonderful. I can only imagine that they rest of the movie will only get better.

One of the young Brothers Bloom is played by Max Records who is also in 'Where the Wild Things Are'. You might also recognize the voice of the narrator as Magician Ricky Jay, who also provided some narration for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia.

Watch the film clip below! Your gonna like what you see.

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