New Behind the Scenes Photos of James Cameron's AVATAR

by Joey Paur

James Cameron's 'Avatar' is one of those films that can't get into the theaters soon enough. On top of that we have hardly seen anything on the film, and know very little about what the story is. I am shocked Cameron's team has been able to keep such a tight lid on the production. It awesome he works with people he can trust, or he just threatens them with their lives.

There are a few behind the scenes photos from the most recent edition of Empire Magazine and there are a few interesting things that Cameron says such as:

"We've eliminated the animation from animation." With AVATAR's groundbreaking set-up, Cameron could observe the actors (left monitor) in a rough version of the final CG environment (right monitor).

He also says:

"With the capture technologies we developed, the actor can be any character they can imagine and the director can create any world, any time and any space."

To me it sounds like technology is at the point where literally nothing is impossible. It also seems he had a huge hand in Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg's decision to make 'Tintin'.

"I invited them over while shooting AVATAR. I put the camera in their hands and they basically became two kids - on the inside every filmmaker is really just a complete geek. The amazing thing for me was just watching that seminal moment. They were running around the stage, working the camera, and that's the moment when they both kind of looked at each other in the eye and said, 'Let's make TINTIN.'"

Is it possible that the next two Hobbit films could be in 3D? If Jackson is so excited about why wouldn't it be? Who knows. To get a closer look at what is on the monitor go visit Marketsaw because they have some pretty good close-ups of it and a few other scans for the magazine that you can check out.

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