Matthew McConaughey cannot be CAPTAIN AMERICA

by Joey Paur

Hell No! We have got to put a stop to this right now before it get's out of hand! As you know Marvel is making a Captain America film being directed by Joe Johnston. This movie has the potential to be a brilliant superhero movie, but if Matthew McConaughey get cast as the Captain I am going to have to raise hell like no one has ever raised hell before.

All of a sudden good ol Matthew likes the idea of playing Captain America. It was rumored a while back that he was in the running to play the great American superhero. When approached about it at the time of the rumor he said that he was not a big comic book reader, "but that’s a super cool name — Captain America.” So first of all it sounds like he didn't even know who the guy is. Now his name is being thrown out into the Hollywood winds, hopefully the Marvel executive keep their windows closed so it doesn't get in.

Thank the high heavens that he has not been sent a script, but he does say that playing Captain America "sounds fun" now. And Jennifer Garner doesn't help in any way shape or form when she says:

“You would be a great Captain America. You could wear a cape and tights and little pointy shoes.”

What in the hell is she talking about!? She obviously isn't a big comic book reader either.

Look, I just hope people stop asking him about this Captain America casting business. I would think Marvel is smart enough to go with this guy. But to be on the safe side I am just getting the word out there that Matthew McConaughey will not play Captain America, because he would ruin the movie.

OK? OK. Bye.

Source: MTV

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