2 Alternate Endings from X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Have been Revealed

by Joey Paur

As you may have heard apparently FOX has given X-Men Origins: Wolverine several different endings. These ending scenes will run after the credits have rolled. I have been sent some reports that have been found that sheds some light on what two of these different ending are. I think Fox used this as a way to get people into the theaters after the movie leaked out online.  So here are the two potential endings.


The first ending is from comic book movie which gave the movie a great review. In the version they saw after about 30 seconds of credits there was a scene with Stryker walking down a road and being stopped by several soldiers in regards to him killing a general earlier in the film. After all the credits rolled they say this is what happened.

Wolverine sitting in a bar and speaking in Japanese saying that he is drinking to remember.

Yeah ok. That's not really that exciting. Not worth sitting through the credits for. I understand it leaves it open to sequel of Wolverine in his Japanese saga. But this next one is! And this is the one they should have tacked on to every freakin' Wolverine print because this the the ending everyone wants to see. This comes from the slumz forum.

Basically they zoom in on the rubble of the destroyed nuclear plant. We see Deadpool's hand out of the rumble and then we see his head on the floor. We then see a guy in a long black over coat with his hood up, kneel down and pick up the head. We then hear dialogue as the camera pans around, " who the hell are you supposed to be?" and as it pans around we see its Wade Wilson. (Ryan Reynolds). then the screen fades to black. BTW its after the credits.

so Wade is alive and well... Weapon XI was a Wade Clone.... DEADPOOL lives.

This is the version that I want to see. I hope this turns out to be true. It is the only way I can see a Deadpool movie be born from the mess they made of him. What do you all think about these possible different endings to the movie?

Sources: comic book movie, slumz

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