Wanna see what Bruce Lee would look like if he was alive today?

by Joey Paur

Have you ever wondered what Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, or Adolf Hitler would have looked liked had they not died in the early years of their lives? Polish born photographer and artist Andrezej Dragan has created these incredible photographs that show us these three well known dead public figures aged according to what they would look like today. To see some more of Dargan's works you can check out his website andrzejdragan.com

This photography and artwork is amazing. The guy has done such a great job bringing these public figures back to life. Check out the photos below.

Bruce Lee would still be a complete bad-ass.

Marilyn Monroe was looking much better back in her heyday.

Adolf Hitler took the easy way out of life and I don't think he would be wearing the Nazi uniform in today's world. Maybe in some awful alternate universe.

Dragan holds a phd in quantum physics and currently works as an assistant professor at warsaw university. he was been involved with photography since 2003, winning a number of awards in the process. a background as unique as the photographs.

Source: Designboom

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