Hansel and Gretel become Witch Bounty Hunters

by Joey Paur

Norwegian co-writer and director of the horror comedy 'Dead Snow' Tommy Wirkola is putting a little twist on the whole dark children's tale of Hansel and Gretel. This new idea explores what happened to Hansel and Gretel 15 years after the gingerbread house incident. They have become bounty hunters that specialize in tracking down and killing witches.

Does this not sound completely awesome or what! Sanchez honchos Will Ferrell and Adam McKay loved the idea and they are the guys that will be producing it for Paramount Pictures.  McKay says:

"The idea is, they've grown up and they hunt witches. It's a hybrid sort of "old-timey" feeling, yet there's pump-action shotguns. Modern technology but in an old style. We heard it and we were just like, 'That's a freakin' franchise! You could make three of those!' "

So a trilogy of films is going to be planned for these Hansel and Gretel witch hunters!? They are really going all out out this idea, but it sounds like it will be a ton of fun.

Another interesting part of this story is a new producer has been brought on the project. His name is Kevin Messick and this is the guy that brought the project to the company. What is amazing with this is how much this guy asked to be paid to help develop the project. McKay explains:

"Kevin Messick knows how to put together movies as well as how to make them. He's one of the best producers I have ever worked with, and the fact that he only asked for $8,000 a year shows his commitment to filmmaking."

What!? $8,000 a year!? That's nothing! McKay doesn't say that's how much he is getting paid, he only say's that's what he asked for. Hopefully they were kind enough to give a big bump in pay.

So do you like the idea of Hansel and Gretel as bounty hunters?

Source: THR , art from deviantART

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