Gore Verbinski ditches Pirates 4 to Focus on Bioshock

by Joey Paur

One of the best career movies Gore Verbinski has made is to not continue to make those Pirate of the Caribbean movies. They would have tied him up for another few years. The guy has already spent about 6 years of his life making those movies and I am happy to hear is is moving on to do bigger and better things. Like Bioshock! I honestly don't need to see another Pirates movie anyway. Variety reports:

Verbinski has informed Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer that he will not helm a fourth installment that's expected to set sail in 2010 with Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Sequel is in development but not yet greenlit. It's unknown how Verbinski's ankling will affect the pic's schedule.

I kind of hope the project gets dropped altogether now, but it probably wont. I'm sure they will find some director to take on the film. The Pirates franchise seems to have run its course. I don't see them getting any better. Verbinski says:

"I had a fantastic time bringing 'Pirates' to life, and I am eternally grateful to Jerry, Johnny and the rest of the creative and production team. I'm looking forward to all of us crossing paths again in the future."

Now he is going to give his complete attention and talents to the video game film adaptation of 'Bioshock' which is being developed over at Universal Pictures. I would much rather see a a great 'Bioshock' movie than another Disney Pirates movie. Verbinski is currently working on the CGI animated film 'Rango' with Johnny Depp and he also has 'Clue' lined up after 'Bioshock'.

What do you think?

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