SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS will be adapted into a Movie

by Joey Paur

I can only imagine what 'Shadow of the Colossus' will look like on the big screen! If you don't already know Shadow of the Colossus is a extremely awesome popular video game that follows the character Wander who travels across a a crazy landscape fighting giant freakin monsters called Collosi. It's no surprise that this video game would eventually be adapted into a movie, it seems like every other video game is except for 'Halo'. I can see this film as being such a huge hit if they play their cards right. Solid story and no half ass special effects. If they drop the ball on either of those this movie will be a load of crap.

Kevin Misher is producing the film which kind of scares me because he is the same guy that produced 'The Scorpion King', 'The Rundown', 'Fighting', and Public Enemies which looks like will be his best film to date. The film will be developed at Sony Pictures and Justin Marks has been brought in to write the script, which also scares me because he is the guy that wrote 'Street Fighter: The legend of Chun Li'.

My faith in this movie is begining to dwindle just by the people that have been brought on board to bring it to life on the big screen. As fanastically awesome as this movie could be it will most likely end up having the same quality as a made for TV movie, like the rest of the movies these guys have worked on.

But, who knows though. McG surprised us with Terminator Salvation. What do you think? Are you excited to see this?

Here is the trailer from the video game.

Source: THR

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