G.I. JOE: RISE OF COBRA Official Full Movie Trailer

by Joey Paur

Ok Gang, here is the New Full trailer for the up coming Stephen Sommers' film 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra'. Earlier this week we posted the French trailer, and this one is not much different. I wish I could be more excited for this movie. I am one of the biggest G.I. Joe geeks on the planet and it sucks that my excitement level for movie is running on empty. Sure! The movie looks incredibly action packed and it is going to be a great summer popcorn flick that I am going to see, but it in no way represents the G.I. Joe characters that we all know and love. The best things about the movie are Sienna Miller as Baroness and Ray Park as Snake Eyes even though for some reason they put silly looking lips on Snake Eyes mask.  Who knows maybe it will surprise me because my expectations are so low. Check out the New trailer below and let us know what your thoughts are. Am I being too hard on it?

Oh! And one more thing! Those mech suits they are wearing, just look silly too me.

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