The 10 Worst Jobs for Wolverine

by Lola


Hey everyone Lola here with an interesting and funny little post I read from NPR.

According to NPR's Linda Holmes,  these are the 10 worst jobs for Wolverine.
"Wolverine: He may be powerful, but he is not the man for every job."

1. Balloon-animal artist

2. High-voltage electrician

3. Prop comic/juggler

4. Obstetrician

5. Deep-tissue masseur

6. Dental hygienist

7. Ship-in-a-bottle assembler

8. TSA screener

9. Attendant in library rare-books room

10. Quality assurance inspector, gossamer scarves

another few I thought of were:

- Gun handler at a gun show

- home-ec. teacher

- tire installer

- proctologist

- and the worst ever:  gynecologist (but I guess that could go along side obstetrician).

Any other jobs you'd add to the list?

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