Why Was Young James Kirk Listening to 'Sabatage' in STAR TREK?

by Joey Paur

kirk.jpg image by douggells

I have to ask you all. Did you find the use of the Beastie Boy's song  'Sabotage' kind of out of place in the Star Trek movie, with young James Tibrius Kirk driving his step dads car off into the wild blue yonder? Yeah that was so 90's. I wondered why out of all the song's they could have used they picked that one. There are much better songs out there. Turns out this one may have meaning behind it.

It looks like it possibly could have been an inside joke that was recently discovered over at topless robot. The possible explanation to why they used this song in the film makes perfect sense now.

You may not know this, because I sure didn't, but William Shatner has a history of mispronouncing the word sabotage as "sabo-taj."

If you watch the video below you will hear him mispronouncing the word while doing some voice work. In it some guy stops him and tells Shatner he pronounced it wrong. Shatner pretty much tells the guy he'll say it however he wants to say it.

This is hilarious and it must be the reason why the song was used in the movie. It is the only explanation and now it makes the movie even more awesome. What do you think?

Source: toplessrobot

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