YOUNGBLOOD Movie Update - Why is Brett Ratner Involved Again?

by Joey Paur


Last month we reported that Rob Liefeld's comic book 'Youngblood' was going to be adapted into a movie.  It is on Brett Ratner's long list of films that he plans on making, but never seems to get around to making any of them thank goodness. Hopefully they just keep dropping of his list like 'Conan' did, and he is left to direct a made for Disney TV movie.

Liefeld recently gave an interview in which he reveals who is writing the script for the movie and offers some plot details.

When he was in a meeting with Brett Ratner, Ratner suggested they bring on J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani, who are now half way through the first draft of the script. They have only written one other script called 'Capeshooters' which is a film Bryan Signer is producing.

The story for the film will focus on the team members Shaft and Chapel. Liefeld explains:

“They don’t like each other. Shaft is the new kid on the block in the movie, and he and Chapel have to put aside their differences to save the Youngblood program.”

He also revealed that the character Badrock, who is a teenage boy with a body made of stone, will not appear in the film. He goes on to talk about some of the unique visuals he hopes to pull off in the movie.

“There are characters that have micro-cameras installed on their bows, their arrows, their semiautomatic rifles, their Bo staffs. You’re getting footage from a thousand angles, from the casing on their weapons to their armor. When Youngblood goes live, the whole word watches.”

I've got news for you Liefeld, when Brett Ratner directs, the whole world is not watching. He also wants to push the PG-13 rating limit, I don't know if that does anything for you. I'm not excited at all about this. You?

Source: MTV

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