Artist Spotlight: Stjepan Sejic - Total Geek Art

by Joey Paur

While I was surfing the net recently for a picture for the He-Man 'Greyskull' movie update I wrote recently, I came across a pretty incredible artist. So I just thought it would be appropriate to do an Artist Spotlight on this guy. His name is Stjepan Sejic a.k.a. nebexial on deviantART. Sejic is an extreamly talented artist from Croatia, who signed on with Top Cow where he has done a lot of 'Witchblade' art. On top of that his art consists of things we all love.

The following are just a few of the many many pictures he has created. So make sure you go check out the rest of his art Right Here.

(Click on the pics to enlarge them)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow - "Here is a bit of how I saw the final duel between harry and voldy...."


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - "Made after seeing some videos of old cartoon series and I got all reminiscent and all... aaww I loved these.. so.... voila my own lil rendition"


Army of Darkness - "a cover to aod comic, inspired by the shining... heeerrreees aash"


Army of Darkness - "Cover to issue 10 of the aod comis"


The Joker - "Time for me to get my guache mojo back as I got rusty at it so I got me some aquarelles aqnd unfortunately there was no paper that I like... maybe next time, still it was fun to get my hands dirty"


He- Man - "Just seamed like a fun pic to do... just like the other 2 its also a quickpaint.. gettin that nostalgia out"


He-Man - "aaaah the inner dork awakens.... when I was a kid there was only one cartoon for me... all others failed miserably... but when the title screen of the filmation studios appeared and words came... HE MAN !!! No force could separate me from my tv xD here is to those golden days"


She-Ra - "Sort of a sequels to my previous He-man pic, this time it was fun times with the horde... from the design point of view hordak was always awesome, mntenna however... was a pleasant challenge.. guy with 4 legs and popping eyes not really the menacing character, and then it hit me...mantis so i modified his body a notch to a more insect-like shape . leech also was fun to make i went with a lil modified shape on his mouth but tried to keep faithful to the original. Shera got a lil extra armor simply cause in my eyes she was always a Valkyrie"


Thor and Iron Man - "Another quick painting this time Thor and Ironman in this case I went to show Thor as a viking god, and less as a superhero and to skip the tools question, photoshop on a tablet pc"


Beast, Colossus and Iceman - I always had a problem with beast being catlike, with his intelligence I always figured him for an ape so i did this shot, that begun as a solo beast pic but expanded, dunno i guess they're lookin for something or someone and hank is leading the team, time.... 3 hours or so... haven't timed myself"


Carnage - "so if venom is a hulking beast carnage's strengths lie in the different forming of the symbiote, he is fast and sleak but armed with symbiotic blades, now venom imho has this massive fave and jaws that make me think that bad boy can bite through steel, carnage on the other hand i see like those deep sea fishes that live in abyss, ones with needle sharp teeth , he is more bug-like, and just for the fun of it I made the pattern of blacks to sorta mimis Spider-Mans suit, if this was a movie it would be cool to clearly distinguish venom and carnage
one massive and strong , other fast and slice."


Venom - "I like my comics about supernatural and stuff like that, but there are a few characters that I find to be visually fun to draw, Venom being one of them, so here is my version, I like Venom bulky old school, I prefer it to the more human movie version so my venom is a friggin machine lol"


Predator - "Quick 2 hour Pic of predator I did while takin a break, I made a sculpture of this bad boy so many times that I can make it with my eyes closed lol , hope ya like it"


Vlads Judgedment


Predalien - This one took me a lil longer than the predator, 4 hours I think, maybe a lil more, fun to do , I love makin these storyboardish images, this one was inspired by the lil bugger from the end of avp"