FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 Authenticity Trailer

by Joey Paur


Fight Night Round 4 will be the best boxing video game ever made. This game just looks fantastic. The trailer below shows how far EA Games went to reproduce the authenticity of the best boxing has offered. Among the details you will get to play with:

  • World Famous Boxing Venues

  • Customizable Ring Entrances

  • Authentic Ring Apparel

  • True to Life Boxer Likeness

  • Realistic Cloth Animation

  • Real Time Muscle Flex

  • Bruises, Swelling, Cuts, Blood

  • Physics Driven Knockouts

  • Brand New Get Up Game

This game is going to be a lot of fun. I'm just afraid I will break my controller playing it,  like I did a few years ago while playing Fight Night round 2 on PS2. Hope you enjoy the trailer below!

Source: G4TV

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