Frank Sinatra Film is Moving Forward with a Great Director

by Joey Paur


The great Frank Sinatra is finally going to get a biopic film! Universal Pictures has taken on the project and it got itself one of the great directors to develop it... Martin Scorsese. Awesome! With Scorsese behind the camera on this one we are going to get one great movie based on Sinatra's life.

Scorsese will also produce the film and Phil Alden Robinson has been brought on the team to write the screenplay. Robinson has wrote films such as: 'All of Me',  'Field of Dreams', and 'Sneakers'. So he should be able to put together a good script.

Apparently they reason a film has not been made yet is because the Sinatra family hasn't given the permission to do it, until now. Sinatra's youngest daughter Tina Sinatra will be an executive producer on the project. Also Producing the film is Peter Guber and Cathy Schulman. Insiders say:

This has been a passion project for Peter Guber for a long time, and first he got together with the Sinatra Estate, and then with Scorsese who's also a huge Sinatra fan... Tina herself has told journalists in the past that she would "trust Scorsese implicitly" to "present the truth" about her father because he's also an Italian-American.

This is some great news! Sinatra's life should make for a great and interesting film. With Scorsese involved you know you aren't going to get any fluff. This will be as close to the way it was as you can get. I hope anyway. There is so much that Sinatra was involved with in his life and not all of it was music and cigarettes.

No casting has been announced or rumored by who do you think would make a great Frank Sinatra?

Source: deadlinehollywood

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