Horror Comic Book THE SECRET will be adapted into a Film By Universal

by Joey Paur


Universal Pictures has picked out the rights and is moving forward to adapt the Dark Horse horror comic book 'The Secret'. The movie is currently in development. Scott Milam has been brought on board to adapt the comic book in script form. He really doesn't have anything worth mentioning under his belt.

The secret was published back in February 2007 and here is a description of what the comic is about:

"I know your secret." Tonight is Tommy Morris's big chance: he's been invited to party with the social elite of Franklin High and maybe even hook up with Pam, the girl of his dreams. But when a prank call turns sour, Pam goes missing, and Tommy gets sucked into her disappearance deeper than he bargained for. The Secret is a chilling coming-of-age mystery from Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson and Eisner-nominated artist Jason Shawn Alexander (Damn Nation, The Escapists).

Since I myself have not read the comic book yet here is a review I found from someone that has from comicsbulletin.

Pure and simple, Richardson has written a fitting homage to trash, just as Tarantino did with Grindhouse. Let’s face it, horror films are filled with bad acting, ridiculous leaps of logic, and questionable moral standards. But, there is a definite language to a terror flick that makes it comfortable to watch (just like film noir movies and Westerns), and Richardson exploits this language to create a fitting tribute to the horror films he knows and loves.

Combined with the gritty and realistic art of Jason Shawn Alexander, The Secret is a trade paperback with bountiful visual treats, especially for those readers who can see the influences that created this story and appreciate the ways in which Richardson manipulates these elements. Unlike other trades I have read recently,The Secret reads like a complete graphic novel, with minimal breaks in the action due to issue transitions. Bravo to the editors!

To read the rest of the review Click Here. I am pretty sure the movie will turn out just the way it is described in this review.

Source: IESB

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