Guillermo Del Toro's Book THE STRAIN has a Website

by Joey Paur


They have always been here. Vampires. Nesting and feeding.

In secret and in darkness. Waiting.

Now, their time has come.

In one week Manhattan will be gane.

In one month, the country.

In two months the world.

Hey Gang! Last month we showed you a little video of all around talented guy Guillermo Del Toro talk about his new trilogy of vampire books called 'The Strain'. He has described it as:

“Menacing and as Real, and as absolutely disgusting and alien as Possible. A plague of creatures where you did not recognize their humanity, but our own inhumanity in them.”

The reason for this article is to let you know that a website has been launched for this trilogy of books, and it has got a good amount of goodies and information to look at. Just scroll around the page and you will find information on:

  • The Stinger

  • Medical Reports

  • The Blood

  • Vasiliy's Blog

  • The Story

  • Anatomy of a Revenant

  • News and Reviews

  • Mulimedia

As far as the story goes it has a good amount of information and just to get you started and even more excited here is a little excerpt.

Prologue: The Legend of Jusef Sardu

Eastern Europe, late 1930's

The young Abraham Setrakian learns the terrifying legend of Albanian nobleman Jusef Sardu, an evil giant who prowled the moonlit land.

I am pretty excited to read these books which will be released in June.

Click on the picture below to check out the web site!


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