Johnny Depp could end up Playing Frank Sinatra

by Joey Paur


Yesterday we reported that Martin Scorsese was set to direct the Frank Sinatra biopic for Universal Pictures. I wondered if Martin Scorsese would want to bring in Leonardo DiCaprio in to star as the famous musician. I mean, the guy has worked with him in 'Gangs of New York', 'The Aviator', The Departed' and 'Shutter Island'.


However this is not Universal's first choice to play the role of Sinatra. Apprently they want Johnny Depp. Which is a pretty damn good choice. Johnny Depp said that after he made Sweeny Todd he would not want to do another musical. But he would not have to sing in this film. This movie will feature Sintatra's own recordings.

Martin Scorsese and Johnny Depp have never worked together before and it would be awesome to see these two talents team up for a film. I hope it happens!

What do you think about Johnny Depp taking on the role of Sinatra? How are DiCaprio?

Source: Deadlinehollywood

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