Tennant To Take TARDIS to Masterpiece

by Joey Paur


Let's say for the sake of argument that you are the star of a hugely popular British sci-fi pulp television show. Let's also say that after 4 series you decide that it's best that you step down and pass the reigns on to someone new.

Where do you go from there? Do you take a break from the public eye for a bit? Do you try your hand at Hollywood, perhaps get a key spot in a Michael Bay remake? Not if you are David Tennant. The 10th Doctor who will be relinquishing his post as the Last of the Time Lords this winter will be going on to host Masterpiece Contemporary on PBS.


Yes. That's what I said. If you aren't familiar with Masterpiece Contemporary, every fall they showcase dramas, set in modern times. Tennant will join Alan Cumming and Laura Linney as hosts on the network.

Now the real question isn't whether or not Tennant will be any good. We all know that he is a very talented actor and this will just be another fantastic performance for him, even if he is just hosting. The question is, why? Is he doing this for the love of melodrama? Is he doing this for a paycheck? Or is he doing this to keep his face in the American public's eyeline? If the latter is the case, why not just stay on as The Doctor?

Only time will tell.

-The Doctor

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