Jason Statham has been Cast as a Navy Seal

by Joey Paur


Jason Statham has been cast in a new action thriller called 'The Killer Elite'. That sounds like a movie he would star in. The film is based on actual events that took place. The story, which is based on a book by Rabulph Finnesis called 'The Feathermen' is  about a group of former British special forces members that are being hunted by assassins. I sure hope they are ninja assassins, but they are most likely military covert op assassins. They are slightly not as cool as ninjas.

Statham will play a former Navy Seal in the film who is forced out of retirement to save one of his closest friends. I love movies that have anything to do with the military. I have a fascination with the military it's history and how they operate. Here is a fact you may not know about me, I was so so close to joining the Navy so that I could get on the road to becoming a Navy Seal. I'm not kidding!

The film has a $40 million dollar budget and will begin shooting this fall in London Paris and Australia.

Source: Variety

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