TONY HAWK'S: RIDE Takes Skateboarding Games to a Whole New Level

by Joey Paur


Playing Tony Hawk's skateboarding video games just got a hell of a lot more fun! The next game from Tony Hawk will be called 'Ride'. Activison has taken the game to a whole new level of awesome, for the fact that now it looks like you will get to ride a skateboard while playing the game. Well, kind of... I mean the skateboard doesn't have any wheels because it is the controller. I have enjoyed many many hours playing the Tony Hawk video games, now it looks like I will get some exercise playing it as well.

The trailer below is the first thing we have seen from this game and the only thing it offers is some live skateboarding footage, some video game skateboarding footage, and what the new skateboard controller will look like. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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