Disney's TOMORROWLAND Movie Update

by Joey Paur


Last year we reported that Disney would make a film based on one of their popular "lands" the film will be based around Disneyland's Tomorrowland. It was also revealed at the time of the announcement that Dwayne Johnson would star in the film. Every movie for now on will star Dwayne Johnson. We now have an update on this movies thanks to out friends at Latino Review. They recently got a chance to talk with the guys writing the movie Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and dish out some nice little details you may find interesting.

The movie will take place 350 years in the future. Johnson will play the main character named Rip. The writers say:

"In Tomorrowland his character's name is Rip. And he plays a present day test pilot who tests a plane and gets shot into the future, and so he's a sort of a fish out of water in the future and he is sort of figuring out how everything works. And the people in the future don't know who he is, and they think he's bad guy come to destroy the future."

I figured it would end up being something along those lines. I do like what they have to say next though.

"We're not laughing at Tomorrowland or the vision of what people in the 60's thought the future would be. Our goal is to actually a vision of the best future. It's not post apocalyptic or gritty it's like everything you wish you could have."

I am actually very interested to see what this clean and happy vision of the future looks like. I imagine it will have elements from the theme parks own Tomorrowland. I'm sure we will see some version of Space Mountain in there, People Mover will be a way of travel in the future I'm sure. The question is will we see a Star Tours in the movie?

Hell, I love Tomorrowland and I am excited for the movie. I hope it turns out good. What are your thoughts on the film?

Source: Latinoreview

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