by Joey Paur


Ah, 'The Brothers Bloom'. The new film by up and coming director Rian Johnson, the same talented guy that brought us the wonderfully original film noir story, 'brick'. Johnson is not a one hit wonder director. This guy has a natural talent for writing and directing. He did it again. Johnson was a royal flush and he takes home the jackpot with 'The Brothers Bloom'. He is securing his place as a great story teller in this competitive entertainment industry. 'The Brother Bloom' will take his filmmaking career to the next level.


The Brother Bloom was a totally adorable dramedy built on a mature fantasy world. The two main characters in this movie Stephen played by Mark Ruffala and Bloom played by Adrien Brody are the greatest con men in the world. Developing these over the top detailed and complex story scenarios of trickery making millions of dollars in the end. Stephen is the brains of these operations who creates a character for Bloom to perform. Bloom hates this role that he has been given and wants out. This can't happen for him until they pull off one last con. The perfect con. This job involves bringing in a beautiful, eccentic, and talented rich heiress by the name of Penelope played by Rachel Weisz, and taking her on the greatest romantic adventure of her life.


In a world where all we are seeing in the movie theaters are sequels, remakes, comic book, and video game movies it is awesome to see a slick original film with new and different lovable characters. Johnson has created another original film unlike anything I have seen before. Developing a story like this is not easy and one with enough complications in the story that could easily be full of plot holes, but this doesn't have any. This is such a tight knit movie which was perfectly executed. In telling the story of the perfect con, Johnson created a perfect movie.


The dialogue in the movie was once again just smart and witty, the characters were fun and spontaneous, the cinematography and staging was incredible, I loved how the shots were set up and how the story was told. The acting was flawless, all academy award worthy but Rachel Weize was just awesome in this, one of her bast roles ever. There is never a dull moment in the film. It consistently keeps you entertained through the whole movie. I couldn't help but have a smile on my face through most of the movie.


I highly recommend that you go out and see 'The Brothers Bloom'. It may not be a big budget comic book action film, but it is one of the best films of the year. It was an extraordinarily freaky cool film.

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