Details on Liam Neeson's Horror Movie role in AFTER.LIFE

by Joey Paur


Here is some interesting news on a new horror film called 'After.Life'. First of all the movie stars Justin Long, Christina Ricci, and Liam Neeson.

Here is a short plot summary for the film:

A young woman caught between life and death... and a funeral director who appears to have the gift of transitioning the dead, but might just be intent on burying her alive.

So Christina Ricci plays a young woman who gets in a nearly fatal car accident and wakes up at a funral home where Liam Neeson plays the evil mortician. We now have a little bit more info on what we can expect from this movie. Justin Long gives some insight on the film.

"It's going to be genuinely creepy and disturbing. She gets taken in by this mortician Liam Neeson plays. She wakes up on the table as he's preparing her body. She's obviously quite confused and he convinces her he's a medium for the after life [and] she's really dead, but she's in this purgatory state when in fact he's injecting her full of...there are in fact chemicals that make the body appear as if it's dead."

Yeah, I'd say that is pretty disturbing. It's even more disturbing and awesome that Liam Neeson is going to play this mad man! Has he ever played a character this twisted before? I can't wait to see him in this role.

Who does Justin long play in the movie? Some guy named Paul.

Source: STYD

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