Twilights NEW MOON Movie Poster

by Joey Paur


OK all you Twilighters this is for you. Here is the first poster for the 'The Twilight Saga's: New Moon' movie. I recently picked up Twilight for my wife, we have had it for quite some time now, and I still have not seen it yet. I'm sure I will eventually see it.

So the poster below features the three main characters from the movie, but apparently not the book. From what I have heard Edward doesn't even show up until the end of the book. The filmmakers have obviously changed that little detail and most likely put Edward in every scene of the movie because the girls seem to can't get enough of this guy. If you are a fan of the series do you care that they changed up your beloved story for the movie, or are you just happy you get to look at Robert Pattinson for two more hours no matter what they do to the story?

After Bella Swan recovers from her run in with a vampire with a lust for the hunt and her blood, she celebrates her birthday with Edward Cullen and his "Family". However, after a paper-cut during her birthday party results in Bella's blood being spilt, which the newest vampire in the family to become a vegetarian finds hard to swallow, the Cullen's decide to leave there home in the north west of Washington for Bella's sake. Completely devastated, Bella finds friendship with Jacob Black, and also realizes that putting her life in danger helps her get through this tough time, yet this is not the only danger she is in...

The movie also stars Kristin Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning, and Michael Sheen. So what are your thoughts?


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