Oliver Stone In Talks to Develop HELTER SKELTER Film

by Joey Paur


Anybody out there morbidly facsinated with the Charles Manson murders? Then this story will interest you. This August will be the 40th anniversary of actress Sharon Tates murder by the Manson cult members. This was such a horrific event that took place in the late 60's. Helter Skelter was a book written by Vincent Bugliosi who was the prosecuting attorney on the Manson case.

Oliver Stone is currently in talks with Bugliosi to adapt his book for the big-screen. Here is the guy that made 'Natrual Born Killers' that wants to make a movie about Charles Manson. I can only imagine how insane and demented this movie will be. I don't see Oliver Stone holding back on any of the gritty details either.

There are three movies that I know of that has been based on Manson.  Two were made for TV movies one in the 70's and another one in 2004 which was also based on the book Helter Skelter. Then there is the craziest Manson film of all that I don't even think Oliver Stone will be able out shock. The film is simply called 'The Manson Family' and it was directed by Jim Van Bebber. This movie is beyond morbidly insane, it takes you into a world that you wish you would have never seen. This film actually gave me nightmares. I've only seen it once, I will never watch it again.

Fact of the matter is it looks like we are going to get a new updated Oliver Stone version of 'Helter Skelter'. What do you think about that?

And incase you are wondering what Manson looks like now here is the most recent photo:


Source: Variety

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