A Rant on Dan Aykroyd's GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Movie Ideas

by Joey Paur


Hi there.

I'm going to warn you ahead of time that this is going to be a little different from other articles that I have written for the site. No Doctor Who, no Torchwood. No, this time I am going to comment on the Ghostbusters rumor that the delightful Dr. Venkman has already covered.

If you know me in real life, you know that I have a tendency to use foul language and since this is a family friendly site, I am going to use one word to replace what would be a curse during the course of this rant. If I am going to be naughty with my words, I shall say GOZER. Now we can begin..

Dan Aykroyd recently said in an interview that he would like to see the Ghostbusters team expand to 5 instead of 4 and 2 of them should be female. Now I love women. Oh do I, but who in the bloody GOZER thinks this is a good idea. I have a problem enough with the team going to 5 instead of 4, but adding women? I think women are just as equal as men. They deserve all the same treatment we do in every aspect. Every aspect save for two. There should never be a female Doctor Who and there shouldn't be any female Ghostbusters.

One of the best things about the dynamic between Ray, Egon and Venkman was the fact that there was no one to really check Venkman's ego. That's what made it great in my opinion. Sure there was Dana to remind him he isn't a ladies man, but she wasn't part of the team. It may sound like I am rambling, but I don't give a GOZER.

You like Eliza Dushku? Great. Go watch Dollhouse. It could use the viewers.

You like Alyssa Milano? Great. Who doesn't?! Wanna see her? Go to a Dodgers game. We know Manny won't be there.

As Ghostbusters? GOZER NO!

This is one of the only things left of my childhood that has yet to be raped and pillaged by someone out to make a buck. This time? It's the creators. I'm starting to see why Bill Murray was against this early on.

Call me sentimental, but I want MY Ghostbusters. Ray, Egon, Venkman and to a somewhat lesser extent, Winston. If that can't be done, just let sleeping dogs lie.

- The Doctor

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