Will Smith Obtains Rights to Hurricane Katrina Story of John Keller

by Joey Paur

25lv.kellerDid you really think Hollywood wouldn't try to capitalize on the tragic event's of Hurricane Katrina? Sony Pictures and Will Smith have acquired the rights to the life of a guy named John Keller who is an ex-Marine that orchestrated the rescue of 244 people after their five-story building was flooded in 11 feet of water during the deadly hurricane.

John Lee Hancock is set up to write and direct the film. He also made a pretty good movie called 'The Rookie' and a mediocre film called 'The Alamo'. They will use a spec script that was written on Keller's Katrina experience as the backbone for writting the complete script. Variety reports:

Nicknamed "The Can Man," Keller has been profiled in several publications. He has said that he was motivated to help not out of any financial gain, nor a desire to be a hero, but a concern for the elderly residents of his building.

Well of course he is going to say that! But I am sure he didn't turn down the money Sony gave him either. This man performed a selfless and incredible act of heroism and kindness, and it is great that the world will get to see his story.

Source: Variety

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