BRUNO Clean Green-Band Movie Trailer

by Joey Paur


Sacha Baron Cohen has made yet another movie to do his best to offend and shock those that go and see it. But chances are if you are going to go see this movie you have already seen his HBO series or his last movie Borat so for some of us we know what we are getting ourselves into therefore we won't be that shocked or offended. If you do get offended easily then you know to stay far away from this movie.

A red-band trailer for this film was released not too long ago, but now we have the theatrical trailer or the clean green band version. I am surprised that Cohen was able to get away with this again. I thought that after Borat there was no way people would fall for his antics but it looks like they did. Do you think he will be able to pull it off a third time? Check out the new trailer and let us know what you think.

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