by Joey Paur

Here is a new 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' IMAX movie poster. Because if your going to go see a big budget special effects action spectacular films with battling robots, then you have to see it in IMAX. I understand there is a huge boycott with IMAX right now due to the screen size differences, but come on... you didn't already know there was a difference in the screen sizes? One guy mentions it and finally everyone else notices and makes a big deal out of it? Fact of the matter is digital IMAX is a much better viewing experience than the normal regular movie theater, the image is crisp, sharp and awesome, thats what people are paying for with IMAX. So yes, I will be watching Transformers 2 in digital IMAX.

Anyway, here is the new movie poster featuring Bumblebee, Enjoy!


Source: Collider

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