Concept Art for James Cameron's AVATAR

by Joey Paur

Whoa. If you didn't think you could get more excited about about James Cameron's then obviously you haven't seen this concept art from the film! We recently showed you part of what the Powersuit looks like in its live action glory, but this is what the whole thing will look like. Mind you this is just concept art and there may have been some changes from art to screen, however the suit in the concept ar fits what we saw in the last picture.


We also get a good look at what one of the vehicles will look like in the movie. Looks like some kind of awesome helicopter that reminds me of one of the vehicles from Terminator only a lot slicker. According to Marketsaw it could be a AH-19 Scorpion Gunship or a C-21 Dragon Gunship described as being over 100 feet long and looks like a giant predatory insect, with multiple canopies at the front for pilots and gunners. In the background you can see someone riding a giant type beast which I think is a Bansheeray.


So what do you think of the concept art? Pretty freakin sweet huh!? This movie is going to be all kinds of awesome. I'm sure it will be full of jaw dropping moments.

Source: Marketsaw

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