Indie Zombie Film COLIN Trailer

by Joey Paur


There is a new independent zombie  film that has been made called 'Collin', which was directed by British director Marc Price and his budget for this zombie film was only $70.00. Yep thats it! 70 bucks.  Sure the movie was shot with a digital camcorder, but so was 'Diary of the Dead' and this movie looks much better! This just shows that you don't need a ton of money to make a movie. You just have to be dedicated and work your ass off.

They pulled in allot of favors for this movie. He used Facebook to find his actors and crew volunteered their time and equipment. He even got X-Men: The Last Stand make-up artist Michelle Webb to supervise the effects for the zombie attacks. The director described the first day of production to

"We had 40 zombies, packed into a house, attacking the survivors of a documentary film crew. The idea was to throw ourselves in at the deep end, and start with a complex sequence involving a lot of ghouls and weapons. Shooting at the height of summer with nearly 50 people and raw meat strewn all over the floor would normally be a strain on a low-budget production, but the energy and enthusiasm for what we were trying to do was so high that we got through it without any problems."

It took Price 18 months to make 'Colin' and he is currently negotiating a theatrical release for the film.

Now here is the trailer for the film.

Source: Wired

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