Jason Schwartzman's FUNNY PEOPLE TV Show YO TEACH...! Viral Videos

by Joey Paur


Yo Teach! Whats up? I came across a couple video today of Jason Schwartzman promoting a new fake sitcom for NBC called 'Yo Teach...!'. I am guess these are viral videos for the new Judd Apatow movie coming out 'Funny People'. The character he plays in the movie is a self absorbed TV actor named Mark. I love how he describes the TV show 'Yo Teach...!' as a cross between 'Dangerous Minds' and 'The Cable Guy'. Schwartzman goes on to describe who he plays in the show.

"I'm a teacher. I teach some kids that have been written off by society, but my heart is too big to let that happen. I want to make sure they're loved and treated like humans and get an education along the way."

The videos below from the show are hilarious! The first one is a behind the scenes look at the show, and the second one is a full scene from the show laugh track and everything.

Watch the videos below and let us know if you would watch this show if it was real. I know I would, not because it is funny, but because it is not supposed to be funny. We will most likely see these scenes placed in the movie.

Source: The playlist

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