ALIEN Movie Prequel and director Confirmed by Tony Scott

by Joey Paur


Earlier this week we brought to your attention the fact that Ridley and Tony Scott were going to get a new Alien movie up and running. We were not sure if this news was a rumor or if it was true until now. Tony Scott has confirmed it with collider.

Scott confirmed that the Alien movie will be a prequel to Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi/horror film, and that commercial diretor Carl Rinsch will indeed direct the new movie. the Alien prequel will be developed over at FOX and when Scott was confronted about FOX making crappy films recently, that it is not an artist friendly studio, and that they are nickel and diming and not giving the fans what they want Tony responded with.

Yes! But Fox is our home. They finace our production company.

He hopes that they will start filming around the end of the year. So this Alien prequel is for sure happening. It seems like there are some mixed feelings about this movie movie forward. Some people are excited for it other are not. As for me I'm excited! I really think these guys are going to put something great together. I just don't think Ridley Scott will half-ass it.

Now that it is official what do you think?

Source: Collider

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