Natalie Portman Cast in YOUR HIGHNESS

by Joey Paur


Remember that movie I told you about that was getting made called 'Your Highness'? It was written by Danny Mcbride and he will also star in the film along side James Franco. The guy that directed 'Pineapple Express' David Gordon Green will also direct this movie.

Well, you might be happy to hear that Natalie Portman has joined the cast of the movie, depending if you like as an actress or not. Portman will play a warrior princess that Mcbrides lazy ass prince character falls in love with. The movie is about an arrogant prince who has to complete a quest with the help of his brother played by Franco, to save the kingdom and his brothers fiance. In an interview with Firstshowing Green explained the the movie is about a prince the smokes week and fights dragons. He also said that there will be a lot of different creatures in the film but they will not be CGI. It will be old school Ray Harryhausen style stop motion creatures and a lot of puppets.

I like the approach they are taking with the movie. It sounds like it could be really fun. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Natalie Portman is a great actress when she is doing the right movie with the right director. I'm sure she will do just fine in 'Your Highness'. It will be interesting once we start seeing pictures and footage from the film.

Source: Variety

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