Ryan Reynolds Gives a DEADPOOL Movie Update

by Joey Paur


As you know FOX is moving forward with a Deadpool spin-off film. I wish I could be crazy excited for it but the way FOX treats these Marvel characters is ridiculous. I would be nice if it turns out great, but I'm not getting my hopes up. We know that Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as the merk with a mouth and as it turns out he is currently in the process of developing the story for the film. He recently did an interview in which he tells us what is currently going on with the project.

"Well, I'm intimately involved with it. We're just trying to break a story right now and figure out who the villain is going to be and all that stuff. But, it's going to be just like the comic books. I'm gonna have a messed up face and you may see some flashbacks of Wade earlier in his life, but primarily what you see is what you get in the comics and that's the goal. And there is no better place to draw material from then the comics which are incredible."

I really hope he gets what he is working toward. If they stick with the comic books like he say's they want to do, then this movie will be rated 'R', and I will be absolutely shocked if FOX allows this this film to be 'R'. I imagine it being something along the same lines as Wolverine which would be just awful. I hope it doesn't end up like that though.

Who would you like to see as the villain in the Deadpool movie?

Source: Hitfix

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