COLD SKIN Movie Poster

by Joey Paur

We reported last week that before director David Slade takes on the third Twilight movie Eclipse he was going to direct a psychological horror film called Cold Skin about an unnamed narrator who arrives on a desolate Antarctic island for a yearlong post as a British weather official. Upon his arrival, he finds the only other human inhabitant of the island to be nearly mad, and he soon discovers why: a swarm of reptilian sea-creatures crawls from the ocean each night in an attempt to kill the humans inhabiting their island. Life there becomes a matter purely of survival, but as the year progresses, the narrator, quite predictably, begins to question the very nature of survival.

The movie sounds like it could end up being a decent horror film. In the end if it screws with my head, then it wins the game. Below is the first official poster for the movie. It looks pretty interesting.

Source: bloody-disgusting

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