GEARS OF WAR Movie Update

by Joey Paur


It's been quite awhile since we had anything to report on the film adaptation of 'Gears of War', but today screenwriter Chris Morgan has come out of hiding to give us a little bit of information on the project and where it currently stands.

If you don't already know 'Gears of War' is a pretty popular video game on the XBox360 that involved a team of chainsaw gun wielding  military personal from the members of Delta Squad, which is an elite squadron that consists of some hardcore ugly ass soldiers. Players take on the roles of Marcus Fenix, an ex-convict, and Dominic Santiago, a hardened soldier, as the squadron wages war against an insurgent alien race called the Locust Horde.

The movie is being directed by Len Wiseman who also directed the 'Underworld Movies' and 'Live Free Die Hard'. As long as it has a good story and has that hard core grit to it I think 'Gears Of War' will end up being a pretty fun movie to watch. Here is what writer Chris Morgan has to say:

“A draft went in and we’re talking about it now and we’re budgeting it out. It’s looking incredibly good.”

He's sounding pretty damn confident.

“I think the gamer side is going to be thrilled with it. All the stuff you want to see, we put that in there and then we blow it out a little more, even. Now it’s just a matter of honing in on all of the character arcs and determining production types of things.”

I love what I am hearing so far! Please continue.

“It’s huge. One of the things they’re really talking about now is the budget of the film and how big of a spectacle this is going to be. My argument is, look at the underlying material. Look at the game and the scenario — the fact that the world is being taken over by the Locust, it has to be huge.”

Wouldn't it be awesome if this movie was done on an epic scale!? It would be quite an incredible experience. I hope the movie does turn out huge. I want to see a huge 'Gears of War' movie! If they visually match the quality of the video game and give it a really good story, then this movie could be a big hit. I'm excited for it, and I think Len Wiseman is a great choice for a director on a movie like this. I think he'll bring in the visual style that this movie needs. What are your thoughts?

Source: MTV

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