Marvel President Kevin Feige Talks about Movie Plans

by Joey Paur

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Marvel is one of the movie hottest studios in town right now and they have only made two live-action films and a handful of animated movies. 'Iron Man' and 'Hulk' really impressed a lot of people, now we can only hope that Marvel can keep it up and keep punching out one incredible film after another. 'Iron Man 2' is currently in production and according to Jon Favreau and his Twitter account everything is running smoothly. Personally I am really looking forward to 'Thor' there has been a lot of casting rumors floating around that movie and Marvel President Kevin Feige gives us an update on where Thor currently stands.

“We will probably be having cast announcements in the next month or so on Thor. We’re looking to cast Loki and Odin soon, and the main female role. And we’ll also hopefully have lockdown shortly, gearing towards the beginning of production, which will be early next year. So I think there will be a lot of announcements between now and then."

There have been a few names thrown out there recently for the part of Thor and they include Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) who was my favorite pick but last we heard he didn't think he was in. Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) has talked about his screen test for the movie, and Tom Hiddleston has been mentioned as a hopeful by Kenneth Branagh himself. Tom is the least favorite of the choices, he looks nothing like Thor and he doesn't have the build.

Natalie Portman has been rumored to be cast in the film. If that's true my guess is she will play Sif. I have also heard that Josh Hartnett could possibly end up playing Loki. I guess we will find out soon enough who will play who. Feige goes on to say:

"But [director Kenneth] Branagh’s here, we’re prepping, and he’s put together some spectacular animatics already for our first action scene. We’re digging into the second and third now, and we are just embarking on a rewrite of the draft."

I'd love to see the animatics he has come up with! I am pretty excited about this movie I hope it ends up being as incredible as I imagine it will be. As for 'The Avengers' Movie that is going to happen Feige tells us:

"Zak Penn is already on board The Avengers [as writer] and he’s spending a lot of his time looking into what we’re doing with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, seeing how we’re tying it all together. And he’s beginning to outline the script now – he’ll be doing that over the summer. All of the Marvel movies leading up to The Avengers will be based in our new facility in Manhattan Beach, in LA. There will be location work that will take us out occasionally, but our home base will always be here. "

Very nice. Marvel is really trying so hard to do everything right, and I have a feeling that they are going to be very successful with all the movies they plan on making. Not just successful from the characters that they have, but I honestly believe they are going to get better and better at making movies. If Marvel does everything right they will be a force to be reckoned with. Now if they could only get the rights to their characters back from FOX.

Source: Empire

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