Megan Fox skipped that Awkward Stage in life

by Joey Paur

There is a time in most peoples' lives, in the world, where we go through a very awkward stage in life. It usually takes place during freshman year in high school. Its this awkward ugly stage that no one I know of would like to re-live. I think several of us have burned any pictures from that time. I don't know, I could be wrong, but it's just the way I remember things. One thing I do know now, is that Megan Fox never passed through that awkward phase, she just skipped it altogether. The photos below are of Megan Fox from her Freshman and Sophomore years in high school. Who looks like this in high school!?

meganfox6.jpg picture by geektyrant

meganfox3.jpg picture by geektyrant

meganfox5.jpg picture by geektyrant

meganfox8.jpg picture by geektyrant

meganfox1.jpg picture by geektyrant

Source: TMZ

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