Todd McFarlane wants to See Venom as the Villain in SPIDER-MAN 4

by Joey Paur




Todd McFarlane wants to see Venom as the villain in Spider-Man 4!? Been there done that, the characters getting his own spin-off movie so why does he need to be in part 4? I understand that Sam Raimi and Sony dropped the ball on bringing that character to life, but do we really want to see venom in the fourth Spider-Man film?




As you might know Todd Macfarlane was the co-creator of Venom so of course he wants to se him in another Spider-Man movie. Here is what he has to say on the matter.




“I co-created Venom. He was in the last ‘Spider-Man’ movie. And I think he might make an appearance here in the next one, too.”




He obviously did not like how the character was portrayed in the movie and offers some advice to Riami on how the villain can be corrected.




“He’s one of the more popular villains of the last ten, fifteen years. Given that I created him, I have a little bit of a bias. I would’ve done a few things different. When I first created him, I made him huge. That would’ve been the first thing for me; I would’ve wanted somebody who looked like he was three times the size of Spider-Man, so it was almost like Spider-Man going against the Hulk. [I want] someone who is really formidable; whenever you have a skinny character against a big one it’s like ‘Woah, I’m going to have to work today.’ But instead, the two of them were about the same size. I would’ve done something more dramatic. [I also would’ve increased] the nastiness; I never cared too much about the comics code. I always pushed the envelope until the editor said ‘You’d better pull that back.’”




I really couldn’t agree with Mcfarlane more. The guy makes some great points in his statement. That is the type of Venom villain we should have got. I also think he should have had a bigger role in the movie. Like the whole film should have been dedicated to Venom. I’d like to see a Venom like this come to life in the movies, but I don’t think it will be in this fourth one. I would be utterly shocked if he was. What type of venom are you hoping for?


Source: MTV


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