GREEN Lantern and SUCKER PUNCH Movie Release Dates Pushed back to 2011

by Joey Paur


Two movies that I am really excited to see wont be released until 2011 now. We just have to wait that much longer, but hopefully it is for the good of the project.

Martin Campbell's DC Comic book adaptation of 'The Green Lantern' which will most likely star Bradley Cooper has been moved from December 17th, 2010 to June 17, 2011. It looks like they wanted to get this movie in during the high money making summer season, which is where it should belong.

Zack Snyders 'Sucker Punch' was suppossed to come out October 8, 2010 but has been moved to March 25, 2011. This will be Zack Snyder next live-action action packed film.

Snyder has said the film is like Alice in Wonderland with machine guns, and is based in a 1950's insane asylum. It follows a girl by the name of Baby Doll whose step father intends to have her lobotomized. While in the asylum she conjures up a alternate reality to escape from her current situation. It is in this alternate reality that she needs to steal five objects to help her out before she is deflowered by a vile man.

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